Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Stand so Close to Me

When a dude beeline’s up to you in line at yogen fruz and stands literally less than a foot away. So close that I literally had to cover the debit machine with my wallet to prevent him from looking, cause it felt like he was perched on my shoulder. I’m surprised I couldn’t hear or feel him breath. When did it ever become acceptable to stand that close to a stranger, that’s like if you were getting on an escalator and there’s a stranger in front of you and you stand on the next step right behind them, so when the escalator starts moving, you either have your face in their back or right above their head and you can see their dandruff. This is socially too close for strangers.

It reminds me of movie theatres as well. Then it’s packed and you can’t have that socially respectful empty seat between you and a stranger, used mainly to hold coats or purses to secure the cushion of space. So you get “comfortable” sitting next to a complete stranger, both attempting to gain more space on the shared armrest. Or the awkward trying to decide who gets the cup holder. Or even more awkward when they are taller and broader then you and their body encroaches on your seat, they feel so close that you can feel the heat coming off their body. Or the person is equal height and tilts their head to a point where you can feel them breathing on you. So you spend the whole movie grossed out and never really remember the sweet, kickass movie you were watching at the time.  It’s a good thing that Pirates of the Caribbean is my best friend’s favourite movie, or I don’t think I would have know what happened in that movie.  


  1. Hmmm... I always am the one that stands on the next step down on an escalator, or sit right next to someone at a movie... doesn't really bother me.

    I'm also that person that showers naked at the gym. And I never bring a towel so I am just naked everywhere. So maybe I'm not the person that gets awkward like that.

    Once I was at a packed theatre and had to sit next to someone, and they were really hot. I liked that.

    Standing close while using the debit machine is a bit of a faux pas though.

  2. well Linds, you are way more comfortable then me!
    I'm somehow not surprised you shower at the gym naked, and walk around the change rooms naked.

  3. You are hilarious! I love reading about your awkward social situations...keep 'em coming ;)