Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Reasons why I can never get married

Here are ten solid reasons that I can't get married

1) I like to sleep in the crack of my pillows, dead center
2) I use all the drawers in my two dressers
3) I hog all the blankets like there's no tomorrow
4) I have to pee with either the fan or tap on because I have a complex about going to the bathroom when there's other people in the next room
5) I drink out of the carton, jug, bottle, you name it!
6) I can eat a whole box of Kraft dinner, which I'm not proud of
7) I never make the bed, just going to sleep in it later
8) I eat in bed sometimes
9) I wait too long to do laundry and then it takes me days to fold it and put it away. Half the time it doesn't even make it to the drawers before it ends up in the hamper again.
10) There is no additional space on my bathroom counter for you.

And that is way I cannot get married.

but still probably will because these are all juvenile

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Grudge Experience

Oh hey there 2012, where'd you sneak up from?
One more year down the toliet, and cheers to our last year on earth! (according to some mayan people) Do we really know that they knew what they were doing? Who put them in charge to decide how many years there were going to be? Well I'm sure they are going to be fired in 2013!
So this year I decide to change something. I've decided I can't move forward with my life because I'm stuck in this rut, and I've been there ever since my first grudge. Now I can hold a grudge like concrete holds up buildings, long and hard. But I'm feeling this urge to close up loose ends, figuratively and literally (I have some sewing projects that need finishing). I think once I rebuild these bridges then I can finally move on and maybe good things will start happening for me :)
So here's my shout out apology to anyone who I've offended and held grudges to for petty high school drama and whatnot. I will be contacting the individual people that I fear I've destroyed friendships and relationships with the most. But I want you all to know, I did love you all at some point, I just let petty jealousy's and fussing and fumings get in the way of the most special bonds that we had. I have a sick, sick problem, and I'm dealing with it. 
I love you all and let peace, love and understanding be your virtues for 2012.
I leave you with a snap shot of my very own snow globe