Thursday, January 3, 2013

Your New Year's Resolution

That time of the year has come and pasted where your news feeds are filled with
"Merry Christmas Eve!"
"Happy Christmas Eve, Eve"
"Merry Christmas" 
"Happy Holidays" 
"Happy New Year's Eve!" 
"Happy New Year's Day" 
 and the dreaded,
"Last year sucked, this year is going to rule!"
And of course everyone informing you of this year's resolution...
So I've come here today to help you out when it comes to Social Media & Your New Year's Resolution, because let's face it, I don't need any help, I'm so perfect in life....

Here's some resolutions that I think people should try; pertaining to Social Media Abuse 
 (beware this could get ugly)

-Get off Facebook. No one wants to see your 15th status update of the day. I don't care what you have planned for the day, and I don't care if something minor happens and mixes up your plans for the day. No, I don't need to see this everyday of the week...

-Keep your family drama off Social media. The only thing I want to hear about from your family are funny jokes and moments. I don't want to know who's fighting with who.

-Don't play the pity card about everything. Yes, I would feel bad for you if something bad happened, but try not to milk every sad sorry of your life.

- Please upload LESS photos of: Babies, cats, dogs, memes, ecards, lovely dovey photos of you and your sweetie. The fewer you upload, the more cherished they become. For example; 20 pictures of your cat doing the same thing, just slightly different in each photo because you literally just took 20 in a row and uploaded them all.

-Don't upload that photo of your friend where they look terrible and tag them in it. But if you must upload, Do Not Tag!

-Stop checking into communites, check into to fun places, like a concert, not your house.

-I love that your in a relationship because that's freaking awesome. But please, don't let me know that you're dying to see your babe every single day after work. Also, don't complain that work takes you away from your babe, or that your friends do to.

-Watch the video or read the article before your retweet or share. Viral videos become viral because people don't look into the story. Bad Example of 2012: Kony 2012. Good Example of 2012: Gangham Style(don't deny, it's too upbeat and dancey to hate). Know your content before you share it!

-If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything. (And yes, I know someone will say that I'm not following that rule, but I'm just trying to help mankind here) People need to stop leaving hate comments on Youtube channels, celebrities fan pages, and friends or classmates pages. Bullying needs to stop.


 Now don't get me wrong, personal resolutions are great but to corner your resolution at New Year's is just soo typical. Now I'm going to get right into NYE Resolutions, and what their problem is.

Here's some etiquette and what should be common knowledge revolving around NYE Resolutions.

1) Your life is not going to change automatically because the year changes. Just because you thought "Last year sucked!" doesn't mean that there's a difference between Dec. 31 and Jan 1 other then the start of a new month. You do not need to revolve your life changing on the year changing. (and besides, most of you are ringing in the New Year hungover, and that's a great start?)

2) You're putting way to much pressure on yourself and the new year. You can't blame the year for failure, you can only blame yourself

3) Did you know that 4 out of 5 memberships to gym's never get used? The first 2 months of the year the gyms are packed with new members determined to lose that 20 lbs they've been talking about for months or your baby weight. What is so important about joining a gym on Jan. 1st? They gym is open all year round!

4) You don't need to tell everyone on your facebook and twitter that your previous year sucked and how you're going rocked this new one. Because to be honest, most people's NYE resolutions last about 1-2 months. And most people honestly don't care.

5) People would be way more supportive of you and encouraging if they saw that your personal resolution was in fact real and not just a novelty of the ringing in the new year with goals and ambitions. You should always have goals and ambitions set for yourself, no matter what day of the year it is.

Please keep in mind that these are my opinions and the opinions of friends. And remember, If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. I don't however mind, constructive criticism and deep conversations!

 All I know is that I try to live by these things,
New Babe Year's 2011
and I think I have a pretty awesome life hanging out with my awesome friends.
New Babe Year's 2012

And we don't change our lives at New year's, we can change our lives any day of our lifetime.