Saturday, December 10, 2011

They haven't dropped yet

Slap me, someone slap me. I'm terrible at this. I get so busy with myself and think "oh I need to blog", but then I always forget. So my promise to myself is to blog! Yeah, yeah I know it's that time of the year where everyone makes "new year's resolutions", but this isn't that, because it's only Mid December. So I need a volunteer to nag me! So please submit yourself for the position and I'll get back to you. Maybe, if I remember to. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

So I'm here to tell you whats been happening with me! Well, I'm in the phase of my life, where my current friends bail on me. This seems to be a cycle in my life. Meet new people, hang out and do activities for like a month, then the bailing occurs. I'm sick of being that person who constantly puts the effort in and receives nothing back. So scews you alls, I'm going to stick to the real friends. Like my friend Sarah! I'm so proud of her! She's recently met the love of her life (right now) and is on her way to becoming an NHL wife. She's also on a diet that she's kicking butt at! I'm so happy and ecstatic for her! Also so excited that we are going to "New Year's Eve" together, ON New Year's Eve! We are the coolest cliche ever.

But my current real hero/idol right now is Marcel the Shell. He has re-opened my eyes to how beautiful life is, every time I smile, I hear his voice in my head saying "you know why I smile alot? cause it's worth it". Every time, no joke! People at my job always ask me why I'm so happy and smiling all the time, they all think I'm guilty of something. Chumps, they just don't understand single girl happiness. I am fairly happy, on most occasions. That's right, I'm still single, I did put my heart into a fantasy recently, only to have it crushed by the "bringing of another women to the gathering where I was going to ask him out" situation. C'est la vie. This has just become part of my daily routine, rejection. But I do think the loneliness is setting in, because I was reminiscing about my 'finance' that I had when I was 3 years old....
Back to Marcel. He just knows it all, he gets me. I think we have the same thought patterns, because when I'm watching his youtube videos, I feel like I'm watching my life. But he is much more simpler then me and I wish I could live that life. And just say it like it is, but I haven't grown my balls yet. Has anyone else my age not have theirs drop yet? Doesn't that happen to everyone? Maybe I should see a doctor.

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