Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mustard = Well Traveled

Well, well... It's been more then a month!! Wow things have changed! I'm not blond anymore! Did you really expect me to stay one for very long? Really? You should know me by now Blog, I never stick with one thing... hmm.. that's sounds familiar doesn't it? I know all my avid readers are say, oh yeah! You suck at keeping up to date!Well you know what, it's a called a life, or writer's block, they go hand in hand, just like mustard and being well traveled.

I have definitely been busy! I have a job that actually likes me and gives me hours, unlike the last one. I moved, finally. If you didn't know that, then you aren't special enough, sorry, had to be said. And the biggest of all, I've been watching reality tv.  And it's slowly killing me, I watched The X-Factor, oh my goodness, shoot me, a guy in a velor track suit came out and dropped pants and swung his penis around. Paula puked, legit. Also, re-kindled my love for Hot-Rod, such epicness. Probably most important of all, I joined a gym. Yay! I've finally decided to get active again, So if you need someone to send encouragement too, please send to me! I love hearing good things about me! I also joined Twitter! and I already think it's a bad thing for me, today I spent 30 to 45 minutes stalking Cory Monteith's tweets and retweet' I need a man in my life.... 

But in all seriousiness, lets get to the awkward.

WAY TOO MANY Perv's come into my work! I'm legit serious. We get a lot of great people, like Mantracker, but everyone once in awhile (by which I mean, for me at least, twice to three times a week), we get the creepsters. Like today for instance, a group of 8+ men came in, 4 were groomsmen and one groom, and the rest were friends. They needed to get jeans and boots for the wedding. (Side note: jeans are not appropriate wedding attire). These guys were drunk! at 3:00pm! and creepy! Making perverted comments, terrible flirting and "brushing" against you, the sad part is, this isn't the first time it has happened to me at work. I always get the inappropriate ones, older gentlemen placing their hand on the small of my back, this is not okay in someone's work place, especially since I'm already so awkward! Do I give off some sort of come hither men who are old enough to be my dad/grandpa vibe? If so, could you all please tell me what I am doing and I'll put a stop to it immediately.