Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cover the Bras

Time Period: High School

Location: Wal-Mart

You just ran into your crush with his friends, near the jewellery department with a basket containing, a magazine, scarf, t-shirt and two bras! And remember, you’re in high school, so it’s completely mortifying for your crush to see your potential over the shoulder boulder holders! So as you chit chat with him about him and his friends latest shenanigans, (because at this point he doesn’t know you like him, you think...), you slowly use the t-shirt & magazine to block the bras out of site. But in order to do this, you need to move in slow, deliberate movements that would go un-noticed. First cover the bras with the shirt, making sure to cover them entirely by spreading out the shirt and don’t forget to hide the tags, if you’re self-conscience about your shirt size, which no matter what people say, you’re always self conscience in high school. But when you grow up and get out of that place, you realize who you are and become way more comfortable with yourself, or you, know fall back on hiding behind sarcasm... anyways... that’s another story, back to the strategic plan to save yourself from dying of embarrassment.
Then use the magazine as an extra shield by propping it in front of the newly formed lump in your basket. 
Escape Plan, as if you need one, Drop the basket behind yourself or a display shelf! 
Hopefully this should save you from total embarrassment, but as you mature, you’ll look back on this and laugh, and maybe feel a little sad that you never actually expressed your feelings to this guy. If only you had balls in high school to be brave enough to talk to your crushes, dang shyness always gets in the way.

I guess I'll never understand why bras are even embarrassing? Because this is my second embarrassing bra story, but every girl wears one, so why is it so bad for a guy to see it. We have to look at their underwear every time they bend over. So unfair.   

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