Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Day I Lost My Diginity

This one I can’t write in any other way then the straight up truth.

Most embarrassing experience of my life was in the summer of 2006 at my summer camp. It was my last summer as a camper, at my camp, we go on 4 or 5 day out-trips in the back country  on horseback riding, canoeing, backpacking or mountain biking trips. We were going on a horseback riding pack trip in my last year. But our trip was cut down a day, to 4 days. We had an extra day at camp before we had to leave, so while the rest of camp was packing up to leave the next morning, we as a cabin decided to go for a canoe around the lake and to hang out at the public beach, where there’s a sweet ice cream stand!
So we are required to wear life jackets when in a canoe on the water, but when we got to the beach I decided to leave it on and float around in the swimming area. I just love the support it gives! Holds in my big assets really well! Anyway I stayed in the water much longer than everyone else, it was so warm and perfect feeling!

After a little while I heard my best friend, Tanya, calling my name saying our cabin leader, Becky, was going to buy us all ice cream at the stand and we were going there now! So I lumbered out of the water and headed to our canoes to drop my life jacket. I ran up to catch them and was walking behind Tanya and I then looked down at my arm and saw a little black thing on my arm, and I tried to brush it off and it wouldn't move.
I should probably mention at this point that our lake at camp is crawling with leeches. I had never seen one before up close, and asked Tanya what this was, she turned around and picked it off saying it was a leech. I then got grossed out and asked her to check the rest of my, so she lifted up the back of my bathing suit and immediately said, “We need to find Becky”.  I started freaking out and wondering why, because I was covered in leeches all in my bathing suit. We rushed to the ice cream stand where the rest of my cabin and Becky, my leader were. Tears were streaming down my face at this point because I was freaking out. My cabin mates rushed to my aid when Tanya told them what was wrong. They began picking them off and when one girl started lifting up the front of my bathing suit everyone went silent and one girl had to pull something off my stomach. I never knew at the time. So keep in mind that I’m standing in the middle of the ice cream stand patio and they are starting to un-dress me, when someone finally suggested we go to the outhouse. My leader Becky and one other girl came in with me to clean the rest of me off.  I had to strip down in front of them while they checked the rest of me. When I was finally clean, they told me what happened when we got back to the canoes to head back to camp. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur, but I faintly remember canoeing back, half naked, then taking a shower and scrubbing really hard and taking an anti-histamine and the rest is foggy after that.. 

Apparently a momma leech had latched onto my stomach and laid her babies all over me, so the leeches had been fairly simple to get off, thank God.  But that still didn’t stop the itching and the crawling feelings I kept having. I couldn’t sleep at all that night because I kept feeling them all over me. But there is definitely so hiding what I look like anymore around those girls, they’ve officially seen it all.  You could say that was the day I lost my dignity..

My cabin mates never told me how big the momma leech was until 4 months later! It was about this big. 
 Please note that is not my actual photo, I had to googled it and well that brought make some terrifying memories...

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  1. This was really tough to read. I HATE LEECHES!