Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Camp Community Living

You’re living in community with a team, mixed sexes. Your cabin is full of 3 girls, and you’ve gotten comfortable with each other after a month or so. You’ve gotten to the point where you change with the doors open so you can keep talking.  One night after spending the weekend apart, you’re catching up with your cabin mate across the hall. She heads to the bathroom to clean up while you start to change. You’re talking pretty loud so she can still hear you. What you don’t hear is someone knocking at the door, and you also don’t hear them come in. Until you walk across your room in your bra and undone pants to grab your pj’s. You turn around after picking them up to see your male team member standing in the doorway, shell-shocked. What do you do?

Well here’s what you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t start yelling things like, “Burn Your Eyes! You Better Burn your Eyes!!” or “What’s wrong with you!?”  Or “Forget what you saw!! Erase it!” . No these are definitely things you shouldn’t yell, but have somehow managed to. But at least you had the smart move to cover yourself up with your pj shirt so he couldn’t see anymore. 

There is definitely some damage control that would have to happen, I suggest giggling about it with a different girl team member the next morning and then going silent and stare at him as he walks in the door. It makes him feel embarrassed, but in the end all is well when you forgive and can laugh about. Continue to joke about it as your continue to work with them, laugh about how he dropped the money he was paying you back with and ran, terrified. In the end, if gave you a closer bond.

 Man I’m just glad I was wearing a nice bra.

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