Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pirates invaded, but all they left was there Clothing

oh heyy... Miss me? I hope so! Well my double booked past two months is over! And what to do with myself is the biggest question. I'm at that lame point in my life where I'm unemployed. shitt.. I hate when that happens. well life will go on. Now on to the good stuff, my socially awkward lifestyle.
So many countless incidences happened to me over these past two months and to try and remember them all would make my brain hurt. Don't worry there were plenty of sexual innuendos, boob grazes, face in crotches and etc.
But since, I need some writing time, seriously, my computers been open to my posting section for like two days, I've got writers block, but don't worry, my life never ceases to amaze me with awkward situations, there will be more to come, my brain just needs some recuperating time since it's been invaded by pirates. Here's a snap shot of my lovely pirates and they're awesome costumes. Enjoy and check it out!
Queen Anne's Revenge: The Rise and Fall of Blackbeard 
Mob Hit Productions
Arrata Opera Centre, Calgary

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