Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frisky Nipple

I like to instill fear in my younger co-workers from time to time. It builds a bond between us and makes work fun. Once, a young man, about 16 at the time (I was early 20’s) decided to pierce this nipple. I first asked him “what’s wrong with you?” And many people “liked” my funny comment.  When I next saw the whipper-snapper, I made threatening looks, comments and gestures about ripping it out. All in jokes of course, I would never actually have the guts to rip a piercing out of someone’s body. Ouch.  

Sometime later that night, we were caught in a compromising position in the backroom. A young female was shocked to walk in on the site of an older woman holding open the shirt of a younger guy, to get a better look at his “sweet new piercing”.  To ease the tension for the night, I made sure to make a comment like, “Nbd, we were just getting frisky in the backroom”*, it really makes you look professional and not like a whore at all, especially when his girlfriend was present.
It’s a good thing we all get along; I’m just so darn lovable with those kids. Teens and pre-teens just love me and my immaturity. They seriously all miss me, no jokes, I'm not trying to sound full of myself, but they miss me so much, they are probably not going to survive without me in their lives. I completely don't understand how they did before they met me.

*please note we did not actually get frisky, you may need to know me as a person to understand this situation, or have been there. Cause really only the people who were there would find it funny.

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