Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tell-a-tale Signs of Inapprops-grops

There are so many occasion in everyday life that subtly lead to inappropriate groping.       

-          PDA (public displays of affection) is cool when it’s like a smooch, arms around waists, hand holding, you know PG Rating stuff. But when I’m looking at something in the coffee line up and I feel like I’m in an 18a movie, we’ve got some inaprops-grops on our hands. I don’t need to see you slowly slide your finger down your chicks butt crack and suck face at the same time. Like save that stuff for moments in the privacy of your home, no one wants to watch that while waiting for their Skinny Latte.

-          First Aid & CPR classes. Ok I know it’s all for good stuff, but when the two hottest guys in your classes are brothers (!!!) and get paired with you to practice spinal injuries, groping meter skyrockets! You’re just lying there and they are checking your body over and tilting you from side to side.... wait did I say this was a bad thing?

-          Clubs, this is such a given, but I feel it should be mentioned. I’m sorry but I’m not the kind of girl who goes dancing to get licked on the neck by a stranger!! I bathed about 3 times when I got home that night. Clubs are a breeding ground for too close for comfort touching, all the close proximity is not ok when dudes are trying to touch every single part of you.  I am not judging those who like this, but it definitely is not my cup of tea.

-          The transit system. It’s rush hour, and that means prime time for accidently groping the person next you! When it’s crowded and there’s no way you can sit down, you are stuck standing with a bunch of strangers, swaying with the bumps and stops of the train. No matter know much you attempt to brace yourself, there is a 90% chance you will fall into the person beside you. And they may or may not put their hands up to aid, and those hands may or may not end up in the wrong place. There is absolutely nothing that can avoid this situation.

This is only the beginnings of a long list of Inapprops-grops that have happen, but if we all work together;  maybe PDA can finally be stopped!
Vote no on Inapprops-grops!!  

What's your most memorable Inapprops-grops story??


  1. **Grope

    When I was in Lille, France lots of people liked making out in public. To the point where a girl was stroking the guy's hard on. Not like hands down the pants or anything, but definitely rubbing his crotch, and this was in the town square (Centre-Ville) at the big fountain centre piece:
    ya, very public and very awkward.

    I've been at many a club where the guys purposefully stand in a narrow spot (say between the bar and a wall), and they stand on both sides so you have to squeeze through them. Then as you are squeezing by they feel up your legs/ass/breasts... totally inappropriate... so violated.

  2. Also **Tell-tale

  3. Way to be a buzzkill Lindsay! Maybe I put the "a" there for reason?!? And maybe my spell check didn't correct grope?!? Blame me, how rude!!! Tehehe...