Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once you go Blutooth, you never go back

Blutooth, the greatest and worst inventions ever.
I love it for it's ability to play the music from my phone through my car speakers and that I can make a hands-free phone call without worrying about getting a "distracted driver" ticket. It has definitely revolutionized car stereos. I'm hooked for life on mine because it also has an AUX outlet, which I know sounds lame, but I've never owned a car new enough to be graced by the presence of an AUX outlet.
This is my bad boy

My biggest problem with it is when I call my mother. She is the only one who complains incessantly that she can't hear me and then I start yelling and then I realize my window is down and I'm at a stop light and the person beside me has their window down and I begin that slow process of rolling my window up looking embarrassed. Now it's not the window being rolled down that affects how she hears me, because she complains every time. It really occured to me the other day how bad the mic can be sometimes, because I had left a message with an employer about my future with the company, and left a lengthy message about it and when she called back, she had no idea who I was. She had said she was returning my phone call and then there was this awkward silence, because I thought she knew who I was, until I was like "um did you get my message?" and then she explained how it sounded like a jumbled mess. I then began talking about working there again and she stopped me and said "Oh wait, is this Nikki?" and then everything made total sense. Most awkward beginning of a job offer ever. But I still got the job, so all's well that ends well.

Another quick problem with blutooth occurred when I didn't own blutooth, but worked at a Starbucks with a Drive Thru. I was taking a man's order through the Drive Thru, when he asked for a "nonfat" and "soy" in the same drink. And for those of you who don't know what that means, it's types of milk. I had stopped him to ask him which milk it actually was because I didn't want to give the person nonfat if they were lactose-in-tolerant. He then said it was for his girlfriend and he'd call her to double check, since he was the only one in the drive it was cool with me. So I turned off my mic, WAIT, SPOILER ALERT,  little do customers know, we can still hear you when you sit at the order board! He then called her, via blutooth and I overheard the entire conversation and had written down the drink and started making it before he even hung up. Now that's great Customer Service! When he hung up, I had to tell him I heard the whole thing an got the correct drink and that he could pull around to the window. Now that I written this out, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing?    

It's also just super awkward when you're in the car with someone and they call their wife or husband while you're there and you just sit there silently, but trying not to listen, but you definitely are, it's impossible not to. 

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