Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mono: it blows

You know what blows? Getting mono, in the summer, when you are broke.
Everything single thing about mono sucks, big time.

Here's the crappiest reasons why mono sucks.

1) You're sick, so everyone thinks you're an invalid and contagious

2) You never want to move from the couch, it's just too much work

3) Your glands swell and you can't eat or drink properly

4) Everyone makes the same comment to you when you tell them you have mono "oh who've you been making out with?!?"

5) You become a carrier, at anytime it can flare up and you can pass it without getting symptoms

6) They can't give you anything because it's a viral infection! Only steroids to calm the nodes down temporarily, and maybe percocets if you are allergic to codeine!

7) You have a fever on top of 30 degree weather cause it's summer :(

8) Have to sleep sitting up your lymph nodes are swollen so badly that when you lay down they restrict your breathing

9) You have freaking mono!

10) And you sound and look like you're dying if you try to continue to work through it

Words from the wise kidlets, don't ever get mono.

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