Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mantracker should be my best friend

Today, Terry Grant came into my work. It was the highlight of my day, no, week, no, month. I could watch Mantracker all day, and still love it and be impressed by his awesomeness. I can even watch the idiots who win and still love Mantracker, because he tried his best to catch them, and we can only ask for everyone's best.

But my goal list in life includes meeting Terry and getting my picture with him. And hearing all his stories would be rad too.
I had him in my grasps today. He came into my work and I was with a different customer, and as Terry looked up and took his receipt and started to walk out the door, I saw him. I clutched my chest and whispered to my co-worker, who had just rang him through, "Holy Crap, that was Mantracker!" I would have called out to him, but he was out the door. My chance was gone...

I feel like I know him sometimes. I watch the show a lot, and my friend, Holly, well she knows him. I tell everyone the stories she tells me about him. Like, she slow-danced with him on a porch once. And he calls her Miss Holly. Legit, I tell everyone. Holly would be proud of me, and I know that she is probably peeing her pants with sheer joy that she's in my blog and that I tell everyone about her, and she's probably super embarrassed, Love you Holly! I remember the names of people on the show. I think I have a true obsession with it. I however don't watch it as religiously as I should, as it's on OLN, and I only get a chance to watch it when the marathons are on. I always miss the new ones when they are on, the joys of working shift work. I love it, looooooovvvvveeeeee it. I could sit and watch the pranks the prey try and pull and Mantrakcer foil their tricks and shortcuts! My favorite it when they try and back talk and bad mouth him to his face, and by face, I mean like 20 yards away, and he just sits there like a stone, talking under his breathe to his sidekick. He's to good for bad mouthing, Terry is too good.

Fear Not gentle ladies and sirs! My chance to meet him is not over! I hear that he comes into my work often, this has just been the first time while I've been there! So stay tuned for my photo with Mantracker! It will be a hot item when if finally exists, people will ask for my autograph after they see me with Terry Grant in a photo.

Also, Mantracker, if you happen upon this blog randomly, I work at the Lammle's in Shawnessy in Calgary, ask for Nikki, they'll know what you're talking about ;)
Me and Mantracker's Signature on his cheque!

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